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Our head lice removal clinic which is located in Austin, Texas is part of a rapidly expanding network of lice removal treatment clinics throughout the US. Lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals in over-the-counter shampoos in 48 states, including Texas. Lice shampoos don’t kill the lice eggs, so infestations will continue until every single nit is eliminated and removed from the head .


We use a scientifically proven lice removal method that removes lice in a single session. This pediatrician recommended lice treatment uses a combination of enzymes, heated air, microscopic lice screen, and FDA cleared silicon based lice gel to kill both lice and their eggs in one single treatment. We’re so certain that our treatment works that we guarantee the results for 30 days!

Lice Removal Clinic

We’ve performed over 10,000 successful treatments in Texas alone with zero safety claims. On average, our treatments take between 60 and 90 minutes, and are successful each and every time in a single treatment. Call us today for all of your head lice removal needs in Austin, Texas!

Austin Lice Removal
Austin Lice Treatment

Head lice is something no family wants to face, however infestations are highly common among children and teens.  At Hero Lice Clinics, Austin residents and those in surrounding areas are provided with proven, safe removal solutions they can rely on for outstanding results.

What’s Our Austin Lice Removal Process?

Our 4 Step Process Works Every Time and is Scientifically Proven to Get Rid of Lice in One Treatment.

We Apply an All Natural Enzyme to the Hair and Remove All Lice and Nits (eggs.)


Using Warm Air and Other Special Techniques, We Eliminate All Microscopic Nits (eggs.)


We Search the Hair “Strand-by-Strand”  With Laser Like Precision.


We Apply A Finishing Gel That Re-hydrates the Hair and Helps Guarantee Lice Remain Gone.


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Our treatment process involves the use of products that contain safe and non-toxic ingredients. Most of all, they’re guaranteed to work.  Customers  can rest assured no harsh chemicals are used when visiting our private clinic or when using our At-Home Lice Treatment Kit.  Furthermore, we also cater to schools, camps, and colleges as we know these are environments in which head lice are often spread from one person to another.

How’s Our Austin Lice Treatment Different?

Children, teens, and even adults can easily become victims of an infestation. Consequently, all it takes is the touching of heads, sharing hair accessories or combs, or even wearing someone else’s coat or neck scarf. Especially relevant is the popularity of “selfies” today. As a result, these pesky, itchy little bugs have become even more widespread. Those in search of a one treatment lice solution will find our services to be exactly what they need, and our products most effective for preventing re-infestation.

How Much Does Austin Lice Removal Cost?

Hero Treatment

$15900*Per Person
  • Includes:
  • Complete Lice and Egg Removal
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Lice Prevention Gel
  • Follow-up Visit
  • FREE Head Checks For Family Members

*On hair that is super long and down to the waist, an additional $75 fee may apply. Fee will be discussed and agreed to before treatment begins. 

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Where is Our Austin Lice Removal Clinic Located?

Location: 8700 Menchaca Rd., STE 701, Austin, TX 78748

Telephone: 512-828-3232

Our Austin, TX lice treatment clinic serves residents of Austin, Bastrop, Bee Cave, Buda, Kyle, Manchaca, West Lake Hills, Lakeway, San Marcos, and South Austin, TX.

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Austin Lice Removal Products For Every Budget

Many prescription and over-the-counter products found in drugstores and retailers contain pesticides. Therefore, parents obviously prefer not to use potentially dangerous products on their child (or on themselves, for that matter).  As a result, our non chemical solutions are designed to kill every louse and nit, so Austinites everywhere can enjoy peace of mind.

Get Rid of Austin Lice

Why use dangerous products that are not always effective and often require several applications? At Hero Lice Clinics we urge Austin, TX residents to learn more about our products and services today, and how you can be nit-free in about an hour’s time! Contact us now at 512-828-3232.

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