Message On COVID-19

Hero Lice Clinics remains open. We are offering treatment solutions to eliminate lice while maintaining appropriate social distance within our clinic. As always, our treatment is effective and safe. In addition to in-clinic treatments, we have other options to help you deal with lice during this difficult time. Our [...]

Payment Plans

Introducing a New Way to Pay Over Time at Hero Lice Clinics. Square installments lets you break up payments for a purchase. You now have a new option to pay over time. This is offered through Square Installments and lets eligible customer pay for purchases in 3, 6, or [...]

Lice Clinic vs. In-Home Treatment Service

Hero Lice Clinics have proper lighting, equipment, sterilization, and availability to eradicate lice. In-home treatment services attempt to remove lice from within an active lice environment. Professional lighting, equipment, sterilization, and technique are key contributing factors for successful lice removal. As lice can survive off the head for up [...]

Follow Up Head Lice Screenings

What is a follow up head lice screening? A follow up head lice screening (aka Head Check) is a complimentary 5-10 minute appointment. They are offered to anyone that has received our full service lice removal treatment. This appointment is scheduled at the time of treatment and typically occurs [...]

14 Tips From Lice Experts

Excerpts inspired by Readers Digest Every parent can learn from the wizards of lice elimination: These lice experts know all the myths—and facts—about these dreaded parasites. Lice don’t discriminate Most people feel shame upon learning that they or their children have lice, and that it somehow means that they lack [...]

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