Cedar Park TX Lice Removal Treatment

Our lice removal clinic services Cedar Park, TX and is part of an established network of lice removal experts and professionals that are dedicated to the prevention and eradication of head lice. Head lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals in OTC shampoos and products in every state, including Texas. While shampoos and lice gels may effectively kill most lice, they don’t kill the lice eggs, so infestations continue. Because of this, we use only FDA cleared products and naturally occuring processes to treat lice. Our proven and scientifically based process uses a combination of naturally occurring enzymes and warm heated air in a single treatment. This combination is so effective that we guarantee the results for 30 days. We’ve performed over 10,000 treatments from our Round Rock, TX clinic with zero safety claims. In fact, we are the only lice treatment clinic in the Austin, TX to have received 100+ five star ratings from satisfied clients. Our treatments take 60-90 minutes on average, and we guarantee our treatment to be effective 100% of the time. Give us a call today for any of your lice removal needs in and around Cedar Park, TX.

Cedar Park TX Lice Removal
Cedar Park TX Lice Treatment
Get Rid Lice Cedar Park TX

We Are The Closest Lice Removal Clinic to Cedar Park, TX

An infestation of head lice is not only uncomfortable and itchy, it can also be embarrassing for many people.  If you are in Cedar Park, TX and searching for safe nit removal solutions, trust Hero Lice Clinics in Round Rock, TX for unsurpassed results.  Not only do we cater to children and adults in our relaxed, comfortable clinic, we also provide screening at schools, camps, and colleges.

Our Lice Treatment Process is Pediatrician Recommended

While you may not be aware, lice have become resistant to products traditionally used in treatment; products that often contain pesticides or dangerous chemicals.  Our non-chemical treatment involves removing every louse and nit using a combination of enzymes, warm air, and natural oils that result in a treatment for guaranteed results.  This is a one treatment solution that can have you in and out (and healthy) in about an hour under normal circumstances.  We also provide natural treatment products including shampoo, enzyme and preventative spray, and our “terminator” comb for those who prefer to do it yourself at home.

Kids and Parents Love Us, Lice Hate Us

It is easy to understand how children and teens can get lice from school, sports practice, and other areas where many people congregate. Another factor that has contributed to the spread of nits is the practice of taking “selfies,” in which many times the participants heads are touching.  Regardless of how it’s contracted, this condition can be embarrassing and annoying.  Our natural lice treatment is gentle, simple, and effective!  We use only non-chemical nit removal products, so you get peace of mind knowing no pesticides are used. See treatment options.

Get Rid Of Lice Today Cedar Park, TX

When you want to get rid of head lice, why not choose a method that is 100% safe and guaranteed to work over those potentially dangerous products found in many retail stores?  If you are a Cedar Park, TX lice removal treatment candidate and are searching for safe lice and egg removal, count on HLC for amazing results.  Contact us today at 512-856-4824.

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OMG – these people are LIFE SAVERS!  I am so thankful to have found the nice people at Hero!  Where was this place when my kids were little?!

Stephanie M, Cedar Park TX

Very professional, clean and worry free! Do yourself a favor and skip the stuff at the grocery store and go see them. You’ll leave lice free!

Jen D, Cedar Park TX

If you need a place to go to get checked for lice they are the ones to see. Thank you soooo much for your help and putting this mom’s mind at ease.

Kathy P, Cedar Park TX
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