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Georgetown TX Lice Treatment

Georgetown, TX Lice Removal is Effective and Most Importantly Safe

Nothing is more frustrating as a parent than your child having head lice or even having it yourself. At Hero Lice Clinics we provide safe head lice solutions to those in neighboring Georgetown TX and surrounding areas. We are without question your highest rated and preferred lice removal center.

Our treatments are non-toxic and pesticide free. They include the use of all natural enzymes and heated air that kills head lice and their eggs in a single visit. Our treatment procedure is so effective on lice eggs there is no need to repeat the whole process a week later like other treatments.

HLC is Family Conscious and Budget Friendly

Unfortunately, an infestation can quickly move through your entire family. As a result, when someone has head lice you want it gone now! Because of this, we offer free head checks for the entire family with paid treatment.

Our Lice Removal Treatment Clinic proudly serves Killeen, Waco, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, Hutto, Taylor, Jarrel, and Liberty Hill.

What’s Our Georgetown, TX Lice Removal Process?

Our 4 Step Process is Scientifically Proven to Get Rid of Lice in One Treatment.

We Apply an All Natural Enzyme to the Hair and Remove All Lice and Nits (eggs.)


Using Warm Air and Other Special Techniques, We Eliminate All Microscopic Nits (eggs.)


We Search the Hair “Strand-by-Strand”  With Laser Like Precision.


We Apply A Finishing Gel That Re-hydrates the Hair and Helps Guarantee Lice Remain Gone.


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Georgetown, TX Lice Treatment and Lice Prevention Products

As you are probably aware, there are several OTC products and prescription treatments available to treat this uncomfortable and sometimes itching condition. Most contain pesticides or harsh ingredients that are often ineffective and riddled with side effects. Because of this, we provide several different treatment options that are budget friendly as well as effective. They are also super gentle on the hair and void of potentially dangerous ingredients!

At-Home Lice Treatment Kits Are Also Available

Whether you choose to have treatment performed in our Round Rock, TX lice removal treatment clinic or use our award winning do it yourself products, you can rest assured we use only natural lice removal procedures with FDA cleared ingredients. We guarantee our lice treatment service for 30 days and we know you’ll be happy with the results. When our clinicians provide full service in our salon which, in most cases, it only takes about an hour!

How Much Does Georgetown, TX Lice Treatment Cost?

Hero Treatment

$15900*Per Person
  • Includes:
  • Complete Lice and Egg Removal
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Lice Prevention Gel
  • Follow-up Visit
  • FREE Head Checks For Family Members

*On hair that is super long and down to the waste, an additional $75 fee may apply. Fee will be discussed and agreed to before treatment begins. 

Not Sure it’s Lice?

Head Lice Check

$2500Per Person
  • Thorough Evaluation
  • 10-15 Minutes
  • Peace of Mind

Georgetown, TX We Have The Head Lice Treatment Solution You’re Looking For

Because head lice is shared from one person to another, anyone can easily become a victim. Children, adults, and especially teens are most susceptible. In fact, we love working closely with Georgetown ISD and other kid friendly establishments like the library. Cases most often occur when using someone else’s comb or brush and even taking “selfies” with cell phones. There’s been a significant increase in reported lice infestations over the years due to heads touching while taking pictures. A fun photo can unfortunately leave you with this frustrating condition.

Georgetown TX Lice Removal Clinic

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Lastly, when you want a non-toxic head lice treatment that’s guaranteed to rid your life of lice, count on Hero Lice Clinics! We invite those in Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment by calling 512-856-4824.

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