At-Home Lice Treatment Kit

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Our At-Home Lice Removal Treatment Kit includes the following:

Lice Terminator Gel. Our Lice Terminator Gel kills bugs and nymphs upon contact. This hypo-allergenic gel is easy to apply and begins to work immediately.

Lice Comb-Out Mousse. Our Lice Comb-Out Mousse is a non-toxic, pesticide-free liquid foam that immobilizes lice, detangles hair, and facilitates the removal of lice and lice eggs in hair. The mousse easily rinses out of the hair and has a fresh peppermint smell that you’ll love. Applied via our mess-free foamer bottle, this product is a must have in your lice removal arsenal.

Nit Terminator Comb.

  • Stainless steel comb with micro-grooved teeth. Removes lice and nits safely.
  • Easily combs nits out of hair without doing any damange! Used in all types of hair.
  • Safe and Effective. The Nit Free Terminator can be used Multiple times to treat the entire family.
  • #1 Lice Comb used by Professional Lice Removal Services! Lifetime Guarantee.


Our Top Rated At-Home Lice Removal Kit includes the following:

(1) Lice Terminator Gel 

(1) Lice Comb-Out Mousse

(1) Nit Terminator Comb

(1) Written & Video Tutorial Instructions

Additional information

Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 6 in

11 reviews for At-Home Lice Treatment Kit

  1. Jessica Johnsen

    Bought this from Hero Lice Clinic after we found out that 4 of us had lice. What a lifesaver. Used this on the baby and it worked like a charm.

  2. Gloria Salgado


  3. Jillian Barros

    Woot! Finally something that works. The girls at the clinic showed me how to do it and I’m on my 3rd head!

  4. Emily

    This is the only thing that has actually worked for us. No more store bought stuff for us! Thanks Hero.

  5. Carina Novo

    We’ve used the kit 3 times now. It’s worked every time. If your on a budget get this for sure- way better than the stuff at HEB.

  6. Jared

    Used this twice in the last year. Worked every time.

  7. Tina

    Love this product. Love Hero Lice.

  8. Lisa Pulley

    Took care of the job. Grateful I found it.

  9. Kathryn Hoyte

    Followed the instructions to a “t” and didn’t have any issues.

  10. Mark Cole

    Was skeptical I could do this on my own- but it worked so no complaints!

  11. Becca Jaxton

    It worked and that’s all I really cared about.

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