What is Head Lice?

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Head Lice are parasitic insects that can be found on people’s heads. Lice infestations are spread most commonly by close person-to-person contact. Lice move by crawling; they cannot hop or fly.

What Does Head Lice Look Like?

Lice Bug

Hero Lice Clinics Human Head Louse
  • When lice first hatch they are clear and the size of a pencil tip.  They quickly develop a reddish-brown color, and within two weeks grow to the size of a sesame seed.
  • Lice have six legs with C-shaped claws to grasp the hair.
  • They feed off human blood in order to survive, and cannot live off the head for more than 48 hours. Hence, they literally need us to survive.
  • A lice bug’s lifespan is about 30 days.  As a result, a female louse can lay around 100 eggs during her lifetime.

Eggs (Nits)

Hero Lice Clinics Human Head Nit
  • Lice are often first identified by their eggs (nits), not to be confused with hair dandruff.
  • Eggs are light-brown or grayish, small oval-shaped bumps that are “glued” to the hair shaft. They will not move if you flick it with your finger.
  • Eggs are always the same shape, and are a light-brown color once pulled off the hair shaft. They are NOT irregular in shape or fuzzy.
  • Once the egg is laid, it takes 7-10 days for the eggs to hatch.
  • Consequently, eggs must be removed to stop a lice infestation.

What are the Symptoms of Head Lice?


The most common symptom of any type of lice is itching. Lice bites cause an allergic reaction that causes this itchy feeling. However, you may not feel itchy right away, especially if it’s a light infestation. You may not notice any symptoms for up to six weeks the first time you get lice.

In addition to intense itching, lice can cause other symptoms, such as:

  • a tickling feeling of something moving on your head, hair, or body
  • sores that develop from scratching itches
  • irritability
  • difficulty sleeping
  • red bumps on your head, neck, shoulders, or pubic area
  • the appearance of lice eggs, or small white objects in your hair

How Do You Get Rid Of Head Lice?

With the arrival of super lice, it’s difficult to effectively combat a lice infestation on your own. There are many Lice Treatment Products and/or Lice Removal Clinics to choose from. Therefore, choose a safe and non-toxic process that effectively eradicates lice. It is important to make sure all lice and their eggs are removed off the head. Lice product alone will not kill the eggs as they need to be combed off by using an effective lice comb. Otherwise, the eggs will hatch and another infestation will occur.

How Does Hero Get Rid Of Head Lice?

Our Lice Treatment Process is Scientifically Proven to Get Rid of Lice in One Treatment.

We Apply an All Natural Enzyme to the Hair and Remove All Lice and Eggs (nits.)


Using Warm Air and Other Special Techniques, We Eliminate All Microscopic Eggs (nits.)


We Search the Hair “Strand-by-Strand”  With Laser Like Precision.


We Apply A Finishing Gel That Re-hydrates the Hair and Helps Guarantee Lice Remain Gone.


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Selfies Epidemic

Head Lice has become more common among teenagers due to “selfies” and an increase in head touching while looking at their phones.

SMILE! Touching heads is a great way to share lice with close family members and friends.

How Do You Get Rid Of Lice At Home?

  • Wash and dry clothing, sheets, towels and blankets that have been used within the last 48 hours.
  • Vacuum soft surfaces such as carpet, chairs and couches.
  • Put brushes and hair accessories into a bag and place in the freezer overnight.
  • Finally, put large blankets and stuffed animals  into a bag and store for 48 hours.

How Can You Prevent Lice?

  • Don’t share brushes or hats.
  • Put long hair in a braid or a tight bun.
  • Use lice prevention products that have smells that lice don’t like (LiceWits Prevention Spray).
  • Check your child’s hair for lice once every 2 weeks.
  • If someone in your family has lice, all household members should be checked for lice as well.
  • Finally, tell close friends and family about lice infestations.  Doing so helps prevent lice from spreading further and getting right back on your child’s head after they are lice-free.

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